In October 2006, my younger child Lautaro, whose 11, told me that his mother soul, Mariana, was in the central star of the ‘Las Tres Marias’, in Orion’s Belt.
Since that moment I thought about putting his wish in an image.

I first thought of the name of the series, that I would called it ´Retratos del Alma´, then I made the decision that souls have geometric forms, structural spaces of possible images of the cosmos, that like the souls, only gain a form in your mind stimulated by desire,

 For this, I dedicated this work to my children, Malena, Julian and specially Lautaro, who has already tough me that in Anilam, (The string of pearls), the central star of the Las Tres Marias, in Orion s constellation, has a very strong shine, and on nights when the sky is very clear, looking up with eyes filled with desire, she makes me a smile.

Ernesto Pesce - 2011 August