"...- Raúl Santana: What were you working on at that time, what images, what kind of work?

-Ernesto Pesce: At that time I was working on relief in cut-out wood, with very precise profiles, of a graphic kind, with blacks and whites, and drawings similar to comics, comic strips, with sharp lines, with little depth or modulation.

-RS: You worked with hard pencils.

-EP: Yes, I even worked with technical drawing instruments, with rulers, because I had had technical drawing training. I was always interested in the idea that the technical sketcher had to draw something that someone else had to be able to interpret. That didn´t mean copying in a naturalistic way a human figure or whatever, but making a design close to a blueprint of a mechanical piece, so that someone else could understand it without a doubt, without any intervention. And the same happened with the relief in wood. Imagine a sculpture with the impression of clay modelling; well, I did exactly the opposite. I worked carving the wood with a mechanical saw, and carved out the profile of a figure; and then I lacquered it with pyroxilene paint, like they paint a car. And that was the fist thing I started doing.

-RS: Where did that come from? Was it something that you thought up or were you influenced by something?

-EP: I think it had to do with what I said before about technical drawing. The image had to be precise, understandable, without emotion, cold."