Ernesto Pablo Pesce was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on April 4, 1943.

Since 1986 he has taken part in numerous national, municipal and provincial juried exhibitions, having garnered many awards. He has simultaneously held thirty three individual exhibitions as well as more than three hundred collective exhibitions both locally and overseas (Germany, Brazil, Chile, Spain, United States of America, India, Japan, Puerto Rico, Poland, Taiwan, Uruguay, Yugoslavia, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico).
As from 1971 he dedicates great part of his time to academic and teaching activities. At present he is in charge of post-graduate thesis and seminars in Visual Arts at the Instituto Universitario del Arte ( I.U.N.A. ), at the ‘Ernesto del Cárcova’ School of Art. These teaching activities are also extended to various annual drawing and watercolor courses at the National Art Museum friend´s Association.

Individual Exhibitions:

2011 MAV - MECHITA VISUAL ART MUSEUM- Province of Buenos Aires- Painting.
2010 ¨Nudes¨Engraving Nacional Museum, Nacional Library, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Collective exhibition.
2010 ¨Time¨ Holtz Gallery- Paintings. Collective exhibition.
2010 Integral Art Biennial-Bai 2010-Matanza Nacional University-Paintings
2010 ARGENTINE CHRONICLES¨Pasaje 17 Art Gallery- Paintings.
2009 Solo ehibition,¨The Drift¨, in Cronopios Room, Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires. Paintings, watercolors and drawings.
2005 Boxes, lithographies, and paintings exhibition- A.M.I.A Art Space, Buenos Aires.
2004 Watercolors and lithographies Exhibition- Museum of drawing and engraving ¨Guaman Poma¨- Concepcion del Uruguay, Entre Ríos.
2003   Paintings, "Circles and Circuits" - Rubbers International Gallery. Espacio Alvear. Buenos Aires
2001   Paintings, watercolors and objects at ‘Samotracia Casa de Arte’, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Rubbers Gallery – Presentation of book: 'Ernesto Pesce'. Edited by Fundación Vittal. ISBN 987-20007-0-0, simultaneously with an exhibit of his paintings.
2000   Paintings, lithographies watercolors, boxes and objects of his ‘Cosmic Series’. Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1999   Paintings, lithographies and sculptures – Citibank –Workshop on ‘ Encounters with Art’.
          Paintings, watercolors and sculptures at the British Art Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1997   Lithographies at the Provincial Museum of Fine Art ‘René Bruseau’, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina.
          Objects, paintings and reliefs at the British Art Centre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1996   Boxes, objects, paintings and lithographies. Larreta Museum, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1995   Objects, watercolors. MC Can Erickson Gallery, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
          Boxes and objects. ‘ El hacedor’ Series ( The Maker) Atica Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1994   Watercolors and lithographies. Argentine General Consulate. Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
          Watercolors and lithographies. Culture Department. Saarbruken, Germany.
1992   Lithographies. Fine Arts Museum. Bahia Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Paintings, watercolors and lithographies. Provincial Museum of Fine Arts, ‘Ernesto Martinez’, Paraná, Argentina.
1991   Lithographies. University Artistic Centre. Art Faculty, National Cuyo University, Mendoza. Argentina.
1990   Paintings. Patricios Bank Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Watercolors. ‘Atica’ Art Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1989   Inks and watercolors. Patricios Bank Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1987   Drawings. Wildestein Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Drawings and engravings. ‘Hoy en el Arte’ Gallery, Pinamar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1986   Lithographies. Patricios Bank Foundation. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Drawings. ‘Hoy en el Arte’ Gallery, Pinamar, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1984   Drawings. Wildestein Gallery. Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2003   Silver medal at the 4th Egyptian International Print Triennale - El Cairo, Egypt. 
2000   Trabucco 2000. National Academy of Fine Arts. Honorable Mention in Engraving.
          First Place. International Art Competition ‘Goethe99’. Frankfurt am Main, Gemany.
1995   Second Place in Engraving. First National Exhibition of Engraving and Experimental and Printing Techniques. Bahía Blanca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1990   First Place in Engraving. Fine Arts Exhinition ‘Benito Quinquela Martín’, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          First Place in Painting. Art and Communication Centre (C.A.Y.C.)
          ‘Alto Palermo’ Award. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1989   Honorable Mention in Painting. V Biannual Iberoamerican Art Exhibit. National Institute of Fine Arts. Mexico.

1981   Great Honorable Award in Engraving. Municipal ‘Manuel Belgrano’ Exhibition.
1980   Great Honorable Award in Engraving. National Exhibition of Drawing and Engraving.
1979   First Place in Engraving. Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina
1977   Marcelo de Ridder Award, Drawing. National Fine Arts Museum
          Third Place in Engraving. National Drawing and Engraving Exhibition.
1975   Second Place in Drawing. Municipal ‘Manuel Belgrano’ Exhibition.
          Second Place in Drawing. Campana Municipal Exhibition, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
          Mention Prize in Sculpture. National Exhibition.
1974   Third Place . Municipal ‘Manuel Belgrano’ Exhibition.
1973   Sesotris Vitulo Prize, Sculpture. Municipal ‘Manuel Belgrano’ Exhibition.
1972   Fourth Place at the Competition ‘New Experiences in Art’ Van Riel GallerY.
1971   First Place in Painting. National Drawing and Engraving Exhibition.
          First Place in Painting. Autumn Exhibition. San Fernando, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1969   First Place in Painting. Rural Society of Argentina.

Works in Art Museums and Collections:
National Museum of Fine Arts. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Municipal Museum Eduardo Sivori.
Contemporary Art Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Fine Arts Museum. San Luis, Province of San Luis, Argentina
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Campana, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts ‘Juan B. Castagnino’. Rosario, Province of Santa Fe, Argentina.
20th Century Arts Museum. Prague, Czechoslovakia.
Municipal Museum of Visual Arts. Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Engraving Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
La Boca Fine Arts Museum. Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museum of the Honorable Chamber of National Representatives. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Casa de las Américas. La Habana, Cuba.
Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Bahia Blanca, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Provincial Museum of Fine Arts. ‘Dr. PedroE. Martinez’. Paraná, Province of Entre Rios, Argentina.
Heritage of the Provincial Board of Culture.
Modern Art Municipal Museum. Mendoza, Province of Mendoza, Argentina.
Art Collection of the Republic of Corea Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museo Internazionale Dell’Immagine Postale Comune Di Belvedere Ostrense. Provincia Di Ancona. Italy.
University of Essex, Collection of Latin American Art. England.
National Comission of Atomic Energy Collection. Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Provincial Museumof Fine Arts ‘Emilio Caraffa’- province of Córdoba, Argentina
Mrs.Amalia Lacroze de Fortabat. Private Collection.