""...- Erneato Pesce: I also started making nudes, that would later form an erotic series. It was around 1979. At that time I had met Mariana Schapiro, and she was my model in many of these drawings. We became a couple in 1979 and we have two children: Julian, who is 13, and Lautaro, who is 7.

- Raúl Santana: And if I am not mistaken, these drawings differ from the Immigrants series in that they are freer, they have a different freshness.

-EP: Yes, and a more open texture, that appeared as something in which I began to be interested; and color was used with more freedom, forming that texture, and the surface was no longer flat, but the texture began to be important. The result of pencil textures treated with as much ease as possible and with more open shapes. There was no longer that pencil delimitation."